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Muslim Couple's Duties : The rights of the Wife over the Husband

Good treatment and cohabitation with the wife, 

and God Almighty has commanded that in the Noble Qur’an, and it is good for the wife to treat her well and give her her rights so that he does not wrong her in anything. 

Teaching her the matters of her religion, and helping her to obey her Lord, and the husband must be kind in advising and teaching his wife. 

Achieving justice between her and her misfortunes, if she has any disadvantages. Turn a blind eye to some of her mistakes if she does not disobey God Almighty. Not to harm her by beating or shaming, as it is not prescribed to hit the wife except in the case of disobedience only. 

Sit with her, chat, and comfort her. Give her permission to leave if she needs permission. 

Adornment for her and endearment, as he loves to adorn her. 

A wife's duties towards her husband 

Just as the wife has rights that she wants to enjoy, she has duties, and she is obliged to perform them towards her husband. Among the duties of the wife towards her husband are the following: [3] [4] Obeying the husband and not disobeying him, as long as he does not command her with forbidden or apparent hardship for her, then the wife must obey her husband and obey his command. 

Not to abstain from bed if he called her, so she would save her husband the causes of chastity as much as she could. Not to fast a naafil one without his permission, so that he can enjoy it. 

Not to leave his home without his permission, and not to bring anyone into his home except with his permission. Not to burden the husband with many expenses that he cannot bear, but rather she must be satisfied and content, appreciating the condition and living conditions of her husband. 

The wisdom of the legality of marriage Marriage has been made one of the Sunnahs of life, and it is one of the Sunnahs of the Prophets and Messengers as well. Islam has desired marriage more than once in the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Sunnah . 

Preserving the spouses and achieving chastity for them, and providing the opportunity for halal enjoyment between them. The benefit of each of the spouses in the other and his support, 

so when the man performs his duties and the wife performs her duties, this will benefit them both. 

 Achieving the survival of the human race on earth, in the right way that God Almighty has made available. If it were not for marriage, the human race would not have become extinct, or reproduce in a way that is not resolved. 

The collection of children who are the decoration and joy of life, and through them the happiness of man is accomplished.

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