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Husband and wife's sweet talk on the night of Basar 

The husband entered the house and saw the wife standing by the window. The husband went and stood beside her.
Husband: Hi. I'm Sami.
Wife: Hello. I am Ishita.
Husband: Let's sit down and talk.
Wife: See how beautiful Chad is.
Husband: I have seen a lot of Chad. Now the lights of the house were lit to see something more beautiful than Chad.
Wife: Why the light?
Husband: Won't you see something beautiful from Chad outside?
Wife: Stop seeing this time.
Husband: How can I not remove the veil?
Wife: Stay today and see you tomorrow morning.
Husband: Are you ashamed?
Wife: Didn't talk. Mucchi smiled.
Husband: Let's not sit and talk.
Wife: No. I don't want to sit down. Let's not go to the roof.
Husband: Tonight will not come. So not today. Another day.
Wife: That's why. I'll cut it differently.
Husband: I can go but ... there are two conditions.
Wife: What?
Husband: Number 1 is that you talk to me.
Wife: Hmm ... then you have to say.
Husband: Hmm..2. The number is that I will take you in my arms.
Wife: He laughed. And he said I agree. But you will say go to the roof.
Husband: He took his wife in his arms because he was fine.
The wife saw the door closed so she said I will not go down before going to the roof.
Husband: OK.
Sami went to the door and saw that the door was closed.
Wife: But I can't get off.
Husband: I'm holding you. You open the door.
Wife: Did you start working with your new wife?
Husband: My wife will always be active and smart.
Sami Ishita opened the door with her lap.
Sami gently pressed his feet and climbed the stairs. The two of them sat on the swing on the roof.
Wife: Do you like the starry sky? Or does Josna like the night?
Husband: She remained silent. She didn't say anything.
Wife: What do you think?
Husband: What were you supposed to say?
Wife: Oh, I forgot. Well, Dad was wrong. But you made the same mistake as me.
Husband: OK sorry .. let's get you started. You tell me first
Wife: No. You before.
Husband: I didn't tell you before.
Wife: You.
Husband: You.
Wife: You hugged your husband.
The husband also grabbed her tightly with both hands.
Husband: There will be such a good home forever.
Wife: Hmm. But if you don't answer my question?
Husband: The sky is full of stars. Yours?
Wife: My Josna Raat. Well, sing a song.
Husband: Did you start torturing your husband at night?
Wife: Don't talk nonsense. If you don't sing, tell me, see how I can.
Husband: I know my wife is multi-talented.
Wife: You don't have to see whose wife I am.
Husband: Suppose I get married again, what will you do?
Wife: I will take sleeping pills and when I fall asleep I will give poison.
Husband: Dad !! Don't cut your hand.
Wife: Won't you cut your hand to get married?
Husband: Exclude these, just kidding.
Wife: In a serious magic voice, he said, I will never have such fun again. Put it on your head well.
Husband: Laughed and said as commanded queen.
Wife: I'm getting sleepy.
Husband: Put him to sleep.
Wife: What's in your chest?
Husband: No, go to the street and sleep.
Wife: He laughed and said you can't bring it back, can you?
Husband: No.
The wife gets up and goes home. The husband also follows her.
Wife: Why are you following?
Husband: To guard the queen.
The husband went and sat on the bed. The wife went and sat beside him.
Wife: I will sleep.
Husband: Get him fresh.
Wife: First you go.
Husband went and came fresh. Husband saw
The wife is standing in the corner of the room opening the sari.
Husband: Do you need help to open the sari?
Wife: It won't take another day today.
Her husband hugged her from behind.
Husband: (said in a whisper) Will you stay by your side all your life?
Wife: Hmm. But not now.
Husband: A little more. Husband kissed his wife's forehead.
The wife also kept her head on his chest and remained silent.
Wife: Can you leave now?
Husband: Yes, but ...
Wife: But what ??
Husband: If you give me one thing, I will let you go.
Wife: What thing?
Husband: Give back what I gave you at interest.
Wife: I gave her a kiss because I understood. (But this is not an ordinary kiss that lasted for 2 minutes).
Husband: whispered i love u.
Wife: Me too.
Husband: What about me?
Wife: I am too.
Husband: What is that me too?
Wife: I love you too.
Husband: Will there be such love all my life?
Wife: Hmmm.
The wife went and came back fresh. She saw the husband sitting on the bed. The wife went and lay down with her head on his lap. Then the two of them remained silent for a while.
Husband: Is it okay to sleep like this or not?
The wife is asleep so there is no answer. The husband went to bed gently but the wife woke up. The wife lay down properly. The husband also lay down properly. After a while the wife came and lay down on the husband's chest. Her husband also hugged her and fell asleep.
(Sami and Ishita did not get married out of love, they got married according to their parents' choice)
***** Finished *****

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