Islamic Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times

Islamic Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times | Quotes About Hard Time In Life

All people have to win through the good and the bad in life. Life never moves at the same pace. Our story is about getting up and down.
So when life is about to break down, you will feel like you can't, then stand up more firmly.
We are Muslims, we know how to die but not to break.

সকল মানুষ কেই জিবনে ভাল খারাপের মধ্যে দিয়ে জেতে হয়। জীবন কখনও একই আভেব একই গতিতে চলে না। উঠা নামা দিয়েই আমাদের গল্প।
তাই জিবনে যখন ভেঙ্গে পড়ার মত অবস্থা হবে, মনে হবে আর পারবেন না তখন ই আরো বেশি শক্ত করে উঠে দাড়ান।
আমরা মুসলিম, মরতে জানি কিন্তু ভাংতে নই। 

Raktagodhuli: Kashgarh: How many tears
I used to come to the place from time to time. The taste of pigeon kebab and milk tea is still in my pocket. I last came a year ago. The shopkeeper complained in a haughty voice, "You have forgotten us. A lot has changed in this one year. Perhaps the most changed is the life of Uyghur Muslims.
Most of the restaurant workers have been forced to move home. Some have been sent to re-education camps, and others have been banned from leaving the city. In a sad voice, a shopkeeper said that the pigeon kebabs and milk tea were not as tasty as before because the staff had left. ‘Uighur chefs are no longer available. And no one else can cook like them. See what a situation. After they left, the customers almost stopped coming. '
Coming here after so long is not just a greed for food; I have come to look for Karim. One year ... No, maybe my acquaintance with Karim will be a little more. Karim, a Uyghur Muslim. Restaurant owner. I was skeptical about whether there were any Uyghur restaurants in China or not. At that time I became friends with Karim. As if I got the moon in my hand.
Oops! Karim's cook can cook! At that time I ate polao and lagman noodles in his restaurant. Jibe still has his taste!
Karim is a very cheerful, sincere, sociable person. There are some people who like to see? Karim is like that. Whenever I went to his restaurant, he greeted me with a smile on his face. I used to talk to him a lot while eating food. I was comfortable talking. Her sense of humor is very good.

It has happened so many times, I went to eat there in a hurry. I will go, eat and leave - this was the plan. During the meal, Karim came and sat next to him. Gave across the talk. The chat started. I didn't even know where I could fly for two or three hours. Karim's restaurant is like a magnet. He kept pulling me. Even if there was no work, I would go there just to hang out.
The chat is frozen one day. He turned his attention to the issue of discrimination against Uyghurs in the cities of China. Several Uyghur Muslims who came for dinner said, ‘You know, our rooms are not often rented in hotels. It is said that there is no vacancy in the hotel. But there are empty rooms in the hotel. '
‘Hey, they didn’t even rent a room at the hotel that day with this excuse to a Uyghur police officer!’ Said another customer with a dry, distressed smile.
Karim sat down with a sore throat. Everyone's eyes turned to him. Kelo started talking with a smile, ‘Does anyone want a hotel room like this? Let me teach you how to rent a room. Will go to the reception with thoughts. Then you will say in plain English, do you have a room here? You see, they will rent you a house, sir ... '
‘What do you do when you want to check your paperwork? You will understand that you are a Uyghur by looking at the ID card. 'The boy threw the question to Karim.
Erasing the master smile, Karim said, ‘Of course there is no other way if you want to see the paper. At several hotel receptions, they rented a room after listening to my English. But as soon as I checked the documents and realized that I was a Uyghur, I immediately canceled the booking. 'Karim acted,' You can see in that other hotel, there are no vacancies here. '
Karim's performance caused a lot of laughter.
Dry, lifeless, painful smile of pain!
This is a very small example of the discrimination that Uyghurs face in China. You can say the peak of the iceberg. In the spring of 2017, when the Karims are sitting on the China prairie and discussing these inequalities and taking the tea cup by storm, the Chinese government is leaving hell in their own province of East Turkistan. He is jumping on the Uyghurs with all his might. Galvara called the aggression "a war on religious extremism and terrorism." The mastermind of this infernal sacrifice is Chen Chuangwa, secretary of the Communist Party of East Turkestan. The man is an old sinner. He has shed similar tears in Tibet before.
The Chinese government has repeatedly claimed that all its activities in East Turkestan are aimed at rooting out terrorism from Chinese soil. But human rights activists say what China is doing to the Uyghurs in East Turkistan may have only one purpose - genocide! Removing the last traces of Uyghurs from the face of the earth.
After wandering around the abandoned rocky road for some time, Karim was finally found.
Karim is dead!
The Chinese government has killed him!
One day a truckload of police came to Karim's restaurant. Like many other Uyghurs, he was handcuffed and taken away. He was jailed without trial. The inhuman labor of the prison broke the health. Karim died.

My friend Karim has been the victim of the Chinese government's war against 'religious extremism and terrorism'. Laughing, good-natured Karim.
In the year of Karim's death, spring came to East Turkistan. The paths were full of cherry blossoms, the lazy wind of spring carried the fragrance of lavender from the valley, the birds sang drunkenly, the primordial was full of love all around. But in her joy, the Uyghurs have no share in her love - their losing streak has begun this spring! What did they lose?

Beloved? Introduction? Freedom? Right to Survive? Much more than lost!
- Asif Adnan

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