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Fuchka Niye Kichu Kotha In Bangla

01. Fuchka Niye Meyera Beshi Lafalafi Korleo Khawar Bill Kintu Cheleder e Dite Hoy [Beshirvag Somoy]

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02. Bangladesher Fuchka Indiar Panipuri [Amar Janamote]

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03. Indian Ekta Ekta Panipuri Kheleo Bangladeshira Plate Vorti Khay. Bujhtei Parchen Rajokio Bangladeshi!

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04. Fuchka Khete Onek Moja Holeo Er Toirir Prokriya Niye Onek Beshi Somalochona Ache.
Hehehehe Kichu Pic Dekhle R Fuchka Khawa Lagbe Na.

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05.Bortomane Doi Fuchka Oneker Majhe Jonopriyo Hoye Utche.

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Doi Fuchka Image - দই ফুচকা 

দই ফুচকা

doi fuchka

doi fuchka

Do you call it Fuchka or Pani Puri? Start salivating after hearing the name. It is also known as golgappa. If you ever go to Chandni Chowk , do not miss the opportunity to eat Fuchka .

In this way, you will get to eat Fuchka in restaurants and malls too, but by standing in the market with a handcart, you can enjoy Fuchka while watching the market. Water with whole wheat flour, or with equal quantity of flour and semolina, or with semolina and maida. You can also make round gappas of any flour or semolina as per your wish. Here we are making Gol Gappa by mixing flour semolina.

Canned culture is an era, then you also get packet closed Fuchka , make water at home and eat water with puri with potato gram and chutney. But if you want, you can make fresh Fuchka made at home. Come, today we make Fuchka at home.

Ingredients for Fuchka - Pani Poori
Wheat flour or maida - half cup
Semolina - 1 cup
How to make Pani Poori - Fuchka
Take out the flour and semolina in a vessel and mix it well. With the help of lukewarm water, knead the dough like whole (knead the dough well and knead it)

Cover the dough and keep it aside for 20 minutes to set. You can make Pani Puri in two ways, in the way that you like, make Gol Gappa.

First way
Make small dough balls from the dough. Cover these balls with a cloth. Roll all the dough balls one by one into a diameter of about 2 inches. Cover these fried pooris with cloth and fry them.

Another way
Make a big dough (with the same amount of flour as a guava) from the dough, make this dough 2 mm. Roll out into a diameter of 10-12 inches thick and with the help of a lid, cut all round gappas into round pieces, take out the balls and keep them in a plate and make extra dough again by adding flour into the dough. Cut the balls, cut all the dough balls and keep it covered. Take one round and roll it a little more and thin it, rolling it lengthwise into round gappas or rounding and prepare round round gappas. All the gol gappas have been prepared by rolling them, so now they fry them.

Water is also needed to eat water. The easiest way to make water for Fuchka : Take Jalajira Masala and dissolve it in water, for good taste, mix lemon and salt. Pani Poori water is ready to eat. Peel the boiled potatoes and cut them into small pieces, if you wish, add roasted cumin and salt.

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