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Kolamavu Kokila'. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. 'That' model film macchi 'kalayccanka. Not only me, but  Nayantara too is fond of this name. The second time he said the title for the first time, he smiled at Kubuk.

Laughs excitedly, Nelson. Nayanthara is the director of the upcoming film 'Kolamavu Kokila' which will be released in the summer. Sivakarthikeyan is the next face in the Santhanam line-up from Vijay TV to Kollywood. Vijay, who has been directing reality shows on TV, says he learned ground level techniques in cinema from there. Just as Sivakarthikeyan and Santhanam made their mark in acting, the expectation has now arisen that Nelson will make his mark in motion. The reason is because the debut is Nayantara's film.

"Over time, cinemas have come to focus on heroes. Why ... that was the first attempt at me. The reason I started playing Simbu is the 'King of the Hunt'. I will not tell Trap Akitsu. The ‘king of hunting’ may come to hunt again. When it came down to it, I left that effort alone and came across a women-centric pictures page. That too from a formula. Thinking about what you can do to get out of that formula, develop the story, 'Kolamavu Kokila'. 

I already know Madam Nayanthara when I work on 'Vallavan' for a while. That is why he is the first person in my mind to sleep. I went to tell the story. When you have finished listening, ask 'What is in the title?' When I said that, leave the cape for a minute and smile. Then we say 'be good'. They were able to accept the title because they heard the story. If you do not enter the picture, you will know the reason for the name before the break. That's why I put this topic on arrogance or to be talked about. After Nayanthara said OK, did Mati think ... This is how the title conforms '' - '' Coco '' told the story of the birth of the title, Nelson.

The film may take another month or two to release. By then the title has sparked anticipation. They started talking to people on websites. They say, 'Nayanthara bathes like Gautami in the old Ramarajan movie and puts on a wet head and towel in the early morning.' 'The match in which Nayan participates is in the film,' they say. Lots of stories like this. 'What is the connection between Kolama and Kokila?'

Kolamau becomes a main character in the film. Nayanthara, who interacts with smuggling people in an environment, tells the story of the film with many twists and turns on how she handles the situation and recovers from it. 

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