Actress In White Saree Navel Photos : Hot White Saree Pics

 Actress In White Saree Navel Photos : Hot White Saree Pics : Saree Photoshoot New 2021 

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Hello friends .. My name is Jignesh and I am 25 years old and I am from Rajkot, Gujarat .. I am very good looking and my is 7 inches in length. This is my first story but please forgive me if I make a mistake. I have read many stories on this site and I liked them very much. Friends, as I just told you that I live in Rajkot and this thing happened 10 days ago .. When I went to my brother's house in Ahmedabad .. My brother Sumit, sister-in-law and his 9 year old son were there. Lived in Flett. My brother used to work in a very big company. My sister-in-law is very fair and she is 36 years old. 34-28-38 was very good and I was crazy for the last two years .. but could not do anything. Now I will come directly to my story.

Then it happened that I went to her house on the 24th to celebrate the new year .. I am very much with my nephew and sister-in-law is very open to me and I often stare at her big boobs and ass, so she gives me Staring catches up and she just gives a smile and says that she will have to get married soon. We all went around on the 25th day of Christmas and had a lot of fun. After that, Bhaiya got an urgent job and he went to Delhi for two days only on 26th morning. Now there were only others in the house. At that time, her sister's health deteriorated. He got a little fever, then I brought medicine from the medical store and I took very good care of the sister-in-law all day .. Did not let her do anything and my nephew went to sleep after dinner. Sister-in-law was also resting and was watching TV. It was very cold.

Then the sister-in-law called me nearby and said that she was feeling very cold, I covered her with 2 quilts and lay down and went to check again after a while because the sister-in-law had a fever and when I asked she said she was still cold. She is looking and then when I asked to call the doctor home, she refused. Then I got a little disturbed when the devil in my mind woke up .. At that time, sister-in-law wore a night gown and I told her that cold penetrates the body with the palm of hands and feet and gently asked if you don't mind Shall I massage it a little by grinding? Then he said that whatever you want to do, please end my cold. Then, with his hand in his hand, his palm was rubbed and he felt very good and then my luck started to shine. Then, after a while, he started massaging on his palm and claws as well, which made him feel very good.

Slowly she started sleeping but the devil in my mind woke up and she was pretending to sleep. While I was massaging her feet, I could see her thighs clearly and my started getting hard. Then after a while, he again said in his sleep that I am feeling very cold and said that please get scared in doing something and I tried a lot but everyone failed and the law was getting colder but in reality she was pretending was. I came to know that later. Then after that I made a bold decision and I clung to him in his quilt .. I had no bad idea .. I just wanted to erase his cold and slowly he started feeling good .. But my devil woke up and he But medicines started getting affected, now she was fast asleep.

At that moment I laid my hand on the top of her gown, hitting her on the spot and she was in deep sleep. I slowly opened a button .. but it did not move at all and what was there later .. I opened all the buttons one by one. Now she was only in bra, panty and I took off all my clothes. I was only in my underwear and fell asleep. I did not know when I fell asleep and I got up at 9 in the morning. When I saw it, I was on sister-in-law's bed, but there was no sister in law. When I went out immediately, she was in the kitchen .. I immediately went there and told her sorry and told the whole thing about the night .. But after much persuasion, she agreed and said, "Let's be fine." Then we sat together and had breakfast and today he was feeling well .. but I was not able to see his eyes.

Then in the afternoon when my nephew went to coaching, after that we had lunch together and later he said that I am going to take bath. Then it got hot again and after bathing she came out in a night gown. I was in her room and I got up and started going out, but she said where are you going? That's why I said that you have to change. So he said yes .. I will change it, please stay here anyway, you have seen everything last night and he removed his gown without listening to my answer. Then her blouse was lying on the bed with me, so she asked me to give that blouse. I kept looking at him and it was a green signal for me. Then what was the excuse of giving me the blouse, touched her wet hand and kept looking at her sexy body. Then she said what are you staring at? Then I said that I should say one thing if you do not mind.

She said yes, say no. Then I said that you are sexy and beautiful and there was a smile on his face as soon as I heard this and I just pulled him up and took him in my arms and like I tried to lip him, then he pretended to be a bit of 

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