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Pink Lips Without Lipstick 

Applying red or pink lipstick is often done by women to increase self-confidence. The reason is, not a few women who feel their appearance becomes more perfect after applying lipstick to their lips. You are one of them?

For some people, lipstick may be one kind of loved cosmetics. However, it is not uncommon for people to use lipstick because they feel insecure about their natural lip color. If that's the case, it would be great if you didn't need to apply thick lipstick just to boost your confidence? Don't worry, because pink lips can be found in an easy way!

Redden Lips Naturally
There are several habits that can cause the lips to lose their natural color, namely the beautiful pink color . Not only that, if not properly cared for, lips can become rough, dry, and cracked. All of these conditions can cause the lips to look dull so that the natural color of the body part will be covered. Well, it turns out that there are some tips for your lips to keep your lips naturally pink that you can do even if you don't use lipstick, you know. How to?

1. Do not bite your lips
Unconsciously, you may have bitten your lip, for example when you are feeling depressed or deliberately thinking that biting your lip can make it redder. This assumption is completely untrue. In fact, the habit of biting your lip can cause it to injure, bleed, and prevent the lip from healing. Lip biting can also lead to chapped lips which can interfere with appearance.

2. Avoid smoking
Many studies say that smoking can trigger skin health problems, including the skin of the lips. For that, if you want the natural pink color of the lips to be maintained, you should avoid this one habit.

In fact, smoking can cause a person's skin to wrinkle and age more quickly. Smoking habits can also make the body lose collagen and make skin cells more easily damaged. One thing that often happens is that smoking can trigger the lips to change color to become black and dark.

3. Drink lots of water
Maintaining lip health can also be done by meeting the body's water needs. The reason is, drinking enough water is highly recommended to maintain the health and beauty of body skin. Drinking water can also prevent dehydration, aka lack of fluid intake in the body.

Adults need at least two liters of water, the equivalent of eight glasses a day. Getting enough water can help hydrate the body properly, including maintaining healthy skin and lips.

4. Lip Masks
One of the keys to beautiful and red lips is to maintain their health. Well, you can use a lip mask to moisturize and prevent chapped, dry lips and other problems. Currently, there are many beauty products for treating lips available in the market. But if you are confused, you can use natural ingredients to make your own lip mask, you know.

So, those are the tips for your lips to stay in natural pink that you can practice. Have a health problem and need a doctor's advice? Just use the Halodoc application ! It's easier to contact a doctor via Video / Voice Call and Chat . Get tips for maintaining health and recommendations for buying drugs from trusted doctors. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play!

The Right Way to Care for Lips to Stay Moist

Drinking Water
The amount of water consumed affects the moisture level in the body, including the lips. When the amount of water in your body is not adequate, saliva production will decrease. The lack of saliva production makes lips feel very dry. Try to drink two glasses of water before meals and at least eight glasses a day. Actually you can choose any liquid to hydrate the body, but plain water is still the best choice. 

Avoid consuming drinks containing caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic that can push fluids out of the body, so you will be dehydrated faster, which then causes dry lips. 

Use a humidifier
Reporting from the Self page , skin cells have a natural moisturizing factor that helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents dry and chapped lips. However, this natural moisturizer is different for each person because each person has different skin types. People with dry skin have less moisturizer, while people with oily skin have more. 

When the room contains a little moisture, the moisture on the skin will evaporate more quickly and cause dry, chapped lips. Using an air humidifier helps add moisture to the air, thereby helping the skin and lips stay moisturised.

Use Lip Balm
Lip balm is one of the instant ways to restore lip moisture. Make sure to choose a lip balm with the right ingredients. Launching from Healthline , lip balms that contain menthol or other mint spices can actually make lips drier and chapped than before.

Avoid scented lip products, as these can also dry out your lips. Look for lip balms that contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil or coconut oil. 

Do not smoke
Tobacco smoke can irritate the sensitive skin around the lips, causing them to dry out and become prone to cracking. Smoking can also cause other problems in the mouth, such as mouth sores and sore gums. So, if you smoke, you should stop the habit. For those of you who don't smoke, don't try to start this habit. If you want to know effective tips for quitting smoking , you can ask the Halodoc doctor . Through the application, you can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat , and Voice / Video Call .

Don't Lick Your Lips
When your lips are dry, you may tend to like to lick your own lips. Instead of making your lips moisturized, licking your lips will actually dry them out even more. Saliva contains enzymes that help digest food. This enzyme makes your lips even drier. 

So, as much as possible do not lick your lips when they are dry. When you feel your lips drying up, you should immediately drink water to hydrate your body. 

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