Bangladesh President List | Top 10 Presidents of Bangladesh History

Bangladesh President List | Top 10 Presidents of Bangladesh History

In the history of Bangladesh, we’ve found so many amazing presidents in our country. I’ve read so many things about them and thought to share something with everyone. That’s why I’m creating this Bangladesh president list.

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Here I will share the top 10 presidents of Bangladesh. I will try to inform you a few details about their life and their office time. Of course, I will start with the great Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, because I consider him as the best leader ever born in Bangladesh.

And then, of course, Ziaur Rahman, he had a major role in the liberation war in 1971.

Besides these two true legends, I have included more eight awesome personalities from the list of Bangladesh presidents.
So, guys, you can’t afford to miss this article.

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#1 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

bangladesh president list
Sheikh Mujib - File Photo

His Office Time: 17 April 1971 to 12 January 1972
25 January 1975 and ended on 15 August 1975
Party: Bangladesh Awami League

In his first term in office, he was there for 270 days and in the second term, he was for 202 days. In the year of 1975, he got killed on his own apartment in Dhaka with his whole family members, excluding Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana.
Actually, every Bengali knows a lot of thing about this true legend and leader. We can’t deny his contribution to our country.

Before Bangladesh built, when we were a part of Pakistan, he was the first man who spoke up against ruler Pakistan. That move made him the leader of Awami league.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is called as ‘Father of Bengali Nation’ because of his contribution for this nation. He also called as, ‘Bangabandhu’ because of his love and attraction with the people from the countryside.
bangladesh president list
Muib with His Pipe

In 7th March 1971 right before the war, he gave a speech on Race Course field in Dhaka. That is a historical day in the history of Bangladesh.

#2 Syed Nazrul Islam

bangladesh president list
Syed Nazrul Islam - File Photo

His Office Time: 17 April 1971 to 12 January 1972.
Party: Bangladesh Awami League

Syed Nazrul Islam is one of the top four national leaders of Bangladesh. He was a senior politician and Awami League leader from East Pakistan. In the wartime, he was elected as vice-president of Bangladesh, but because of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s absence, he became the acting President of Bangladesh. As like Sheikh Mujib, Nazrul Islam also stayed in office for 270 days.
Bangladesh had a few leaders who were leading the country on the right path, and Syed Nazrul Islam was one of them. He was a bright scholar and knowledgeable politician.
There are so many things are different between Nazrul Islam and other normal politicians. He used to wash his own clothes and do his cooking for own. Can you believe that a President is washing his clothes and cooking for himself?
But Syed Nazrul Islam did this.
He and his family are still contributing to Bangladesh.
He was killed in Jail with his other loyal companion after Sheikh Mujib got killed. That day he was get killed that day is now known as ‘Jail Killing Day’.

#3 Ziaur Rahman

bangladesh president list
Ziaur Rahman File Photo

His Office Time: 21 April 1977 to 30 May 1981.
Party: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)
bangladesh president list
Beautiful Look by President

Ziaur Rahman had an awesome life to know and study. He was awarded as Bir Uttom because of his excellence appearance in the war of 1971.
He builds the most successful political party in Bangladesh after the country was built named ‘Bangladesh Nationalist Party’ (BNP).
His wife, Begum Khaleda Zia is the first female Prime Minister of Bangladesh. In this Bangladesh president list, I may keep him number one. He deserves this respect. But Sheikh Mujib is a leader from another level.

Ziaur Rahman was assassinated by few Army man in Chittagong on 30 May 1981. In my point of view, he was the most successful Bangladeshi president. I can assure this, because of his great contribution and Bangladesh got another level recognition to the world on his office time.
By the way, he was in the office for 4 years and 39 days. He came to power from Military and the build the party BNP.
After his death, BNP has elected for a record five times in the parliamentary election in Bangladesh.

#4 Hussain Muhammad Ershad

bangladesh president list
Ershad File Photo

His Office Time: 24 March 1982 to 27 March 1982 for 3 days. He came to power using his military strength.
In the second term, he was in office from 11 December 1983 to 6 December 1990, it was for 6 years and 360 days.
Party: Jatiyo Party (Japa)

Bangladesh has gone through some controversial and revolutionary time while Ershad was on power. He took some exceptional step and wanted to keep students away from every type of politics.
But the big number of student politicians denied him this order and started ‘Ershad Birodhi Andolan’. In that time, few students died and Ershad got out from the power.
bangladesh president list
Ershad Recent Photo

He resigned as president because of the revaluation led by Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina in 1990. 
In his personal life, he was got married to Rowshan Ershad. She is a leading lady of Jatiya Party right now.

#5 Abdur Rahman Biswas

His Office Time: 10 October 1991 to 9 October 1996, he was in office for 4 years and 364 days.
Party: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)
bangladesh president list
Abdur Rahman Biswas File Photo

In his successful political life, he was with the Muslim League before Bangladesh created. In UN General Assembly he represented Pakistan in 1967.
He served as Minister of Textiles and Jute under the President Ziaur Rahman and he served as Health Minister under President Abdus Sattar.
In his personal life, he was married to Hosne Ara Rahman, and they have five children together.
According to me, I didn’t study so much about him, that’s why I can’t share any facts. The information that I’m providing all is collected.

#6 Shahabuddin Ahmed

bangladesh president list
Shahabuddin Ahmed - File Photo

His Office Time: 6 December 1990 to 10 October 1991.
9 October 1996 to 14 November 2001
Party: Independent

Shahabuddin Ahmed is the first Bangladeshi president who remains Independent and stayed in office for 5 years and 35 days. But in his first term in the office, he was there for 308 days.
Shahabuddin has a colorful career with the Pakistan Civil Service.
In his personal life, he was married to Anowara Begum. They have five children together.
A lake in Gulshan was named as ‘Rastrapati Bicharpati Shahabuddin Ahmed Park’ in 2008.  

#7 Iajuddin Ahmed

list of bangladesh president
Iajuddin Ahmed

His Office Time: 6 September 2002 to 12 February 2009
Party: Independent
Iajuddin Ahmed was second independent president of Bangladesh after Shahabuddin Ahmed under Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. Bangladesh became a Prime Minister ruling country.
In his colorful life, he was a teacher of Dhaka University. He was married to Anwara Begum and he passed a great personal life though.

#8 Zillur Rahman

list of bangladesh president
Zillur Rahman File Photo

His Office Time: 12 February 2009 to 20 March 2013
Party: Bangladesh Awami League (BAL)

Zillur Rahman is one of the favorite President in Bangladesh. I’ve seen him and his legacy in my lifetime. When he died, the whole country was silent mourning for this awesome leader.
In his time, he was in office for 4 years and 38 days.

#9 Abdul Hamid

list of bangladesh president
Abdul Hamid - President of Bangladesh

His Office Time: 24 April 2013 to 20 March 2018
20 March 2018 to Present…
Party: Bangladesh Awami League

#10 A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury

list of bangladesh president
A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury

His Office Time: 14 November 2001 to 21 June 2002
Party: Bangladesh Nationalist Party

B. Chowdhury was in office for 219 days and he was under Prime Minister Khaleda Zia.
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